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Birthdate:Aug 3
Location:Maryland, United States of America


Name: Yuna
Age: 19
Birth order: Only child
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs (Approx)

Yuna is a shorter girl with one blue eye and one green eye. She usually wears her gunner dressphere as seen above. She walks confidently and is sure of herself. She is used to being in a position of fame so she enjoys not being recognized. She has a lot of different skills but mostly relies on her agility and her guns.

Mini History

Yuna lives in a world where the population dwindles due to a monster known as Sin. It takes practitioners of the summoning arts who believe in the teachings of Yevon. These few pray to spirits, known as the Faith. These spirits bless them with the power of the aeons. A summoner would go on a pilgrimage, with the protection from their guardians, through the world collecting these aeons in order to receive the final summoning to defeat Sin. However, once Sin is defeated by a summoner, the summoners life is taken by the final aeon. Not only that Sin is reborn years later. Still the people have hope that Sin will one day not return.

Yuna decides to leave her small town and follow in her fathers footsteps and defeat Sin. At the beginning of her journey she meets a young boy; Tidus. Tidus being from another time follows Yuna hoping to make sense of his new surroundings. As they journey Tidus discovers the truth of the final summoning and decides he won't let Yuna die. Teaming up with her family and friends they fight Sin without the final summoning.

As Sin falls Tidus begins to fade. Turns out: He was a dream!!! His world was a dream provided by faith that lost its power once Sin was completely defeated. Tidus disappears.

Two years later the world is slowly rebuilding after centuries of constant destruction. Yuna has run away from her home after finding a sphere(video) of a boy who looked like Tidus. Since then she has become a sphere hunter looking for him throughout the world. However she quickly runs into trouble when she is asked for help and can't quite say no.

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This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at ten_fwd; I am not Yuna, who is the property of Square Enix. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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